In March of 2018, I was tasked with creating new packaging for Biohazard Coffeeâ„¢ "The World's Strongest Coffee." After discussion with the owners, I pitched a full rebrand including new voice, social, website, logo... the whole shebang!

Things I'm especially proud of:

  • Quadrupled (4x) Sales
  • Created everything from voice through marketing campaigns through web and social visuals.
  • Featured on Live with Kelly and Ryan
  • Coded HTML emails, landing pages, and collaborated in coding website (shopify).
  • Got to dress up in Hazmat Suit at New York Coffee Fest 2018

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I studied the standard biohazard logos design and history to create a new logo for Biohazard Coffee that would evoke intensity, coffee, but stay instanly mistakeable for the original biohazard icon.

Fonts used: Helvetica Condensed Black

Coffee Packaging

Bags were selected from USA printer Roastar and printed on black matte. To add flare, "Biohazard Orange" (#f37720) was incorporated and later became a major part of the brand.

Fonts used: Helvetica Condensed Black, Futura


Created for sale as well as contest giveaways

Additional Graphics


"The Doctor" - a persona created to be the voice of Biohazard Coffee. Backstory: the offspring of human caffeine testing who wants to bring the energy to the people.

Website, Blog, & Amazon Store

Biohazard Coffee started as an Amazon product, but as a means of getting additional additional sales without the eye-gouging Amazon-cut, a Shopify store was created that could easily manage inventory.


Alongside the Director of Marketing and Social Media Manager I created a heavily branded instagram feed full of quotes, quizzes, giveaways, and animations. Almost all of the work you see was created by me, and almost all of the photography was done under my art direction and photographed by Mason Hoza.

Below are a few of my favorites from the past year. I highly encourage you to check the whole feed and follow it here.

Really Cool Campaigns

Being part of the startup meant workign tightly with the C-Levels as well as the Marketing Team to produce some really cool ways to show off our product, and get people hooked.

The "Attic"

A few cool ideas that never saw the light of day, but I'm still super proud of.