Low Karb

A series of Keto-Friendly foods and snacks sold through Amazon. The brand is young (launched March 2019), and operations/new products are continuing to be developed behind the scenes.

Things I'm especially proud of:

  • Designed all packaging, logo, rendered-images, and initial social posts.
  • Wrote copy for package, website, social and more.
  • Worked at ground-level with chef on flavors, future products.
  • Lost 22lbs on Keto diet during "research" phase.

Also, you can buy it here: Low Karb Keto Cereal

See Project↓


First and foremost, we had to make sure that "KETO" stood out, even if that meant making the name of the brand recede to the back. To do this, I created a logo incorporating downward triangles that formed a K, and that would work very small allowing "KETO" to come forward.

Instant Cereal Packaging

Bags were selected from USA printer Roastar and printed on matte in 3 bright, modern colors. All images on the box were stocks that were modified in photoshop (the Peanut butter started about the size of an inch square before I liquified it).

Fonts used: Brandon Grotesque, Brandon Grotesque Condensed, Baskerville URW.

Granola Packaging

For the follow up to the Instant Cereal, we brought out the big guns: a DSLR camera and Tub of Elmer's Glue. All photography, design, you name it, I did from scratch.

Photography & Rendering

Hot Sauce

Following the success of the Instant Cereal, a number of other products have been planned. The first to debut is a Keto Hot Sauce each with absolutely 0 sugar.


During brand development, it was made clear that as resources became available there would be expansions into other keto products. While none of these actually exist, they helped in considerating the brand as a whole.