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Hutnik For Magistrate

Branding a local PA-litician

In 2021, Susan Hutnik is running for the local Pennsylvania position of District Magisterial Judge. I was tasked with setting up her brand identity, donation-website, postcards, campaign signs, and more. While Susan is a registered democrat, DMJs run on both the democrat and republican tickets, and in the aftermath of a heated presidential election, appealing to both parties is a tricky thing to navigate. To do so, we focused less on party talking points (which don’t inherently, or shouldn’t, matter to a DMJ) and more-so on Hutnik’s unique qualifications including her 20 years of experience and her pledge to do the work of a DMJ full-time.

The site, combined with flyers, stickers, and other assets has raised thousands of dollars, and convinced dozens to register to vote in a small-town election.

In May 2021, it was announced that Susan Hutnik won the primary.

Photo credit: George Nassif.

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