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Last Year of Carbon

Using Fun To Dispel Fake News

In 2016, I spent the summer working on a research project about creative ways of dispelling pseudoscience (fake news or false facts). What came about was Last Year of Carbon, a board game that focused on teaching you the methods used to spread pseudoscience, centered in one of the most common and pressing news topics of our time: energy and environmentalism.

In the game, players control energy companies tasked with supplying increasing amounts of energy in a world with rapidly diminishing fossil fuels. It’s up to the players to work together to create enough energy to power the world while also promoting their energy as the ultimate replacement for carbon. While there is only one winner EVERYONE can LOSE.

In 2020, spurred on by the uncertainty of the world and what felt like an important presidential election, the team ‘zoomed’ back together to update and kickstart the game.

LYOC launches June 2nd, 2021.

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