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Variety Fun

Fun-sized Art Direction for a Snack Subscription

Variety Fun™ is the world’s best snack subscription company, because it actually packs boxes full of name-brand snacks and doesn’t skimp on the good ones. Available in “Fit” (Healthy) or “Fun” (Classic) varieties, there’s a variety of snacks for you.

They also have the same parent company as Biohazard Coffee™, and after my success on that project, I was asked to advise on work being produced for Variety Fun. By the time I joined the project there was already a brand guideline and website locked in place, as well as work contracted with some freelancers by the in-house marketing team.

I was tasked with designing new social media posts and brought on as an art director for photo and video shoots. The results were a 14k follower increase on social media and thousands of new subscribers.

Collaborator and videographer credit: Georgiy Feldman.

Project Details