Fly Into the Short-term Rental Zone
Crashpads have been around for decades, offering short-term rentals to military pilots during training at a cost more-or-less set by the military, but owned and operated by civilians. According to the founders of Crosswinds: "It's the least-fun parts of being a slumlord." So they decided to change that, by working to offer a better experience to veterans on their training to-and-from Altus, OK, and establish a more seamless operation for themselves. I was contracted by co-founders Adam and "Dirty" Mike to create a familiar but original by-pilots, for-pilots brand that feels familiar to new recruits and help them ideate on ways to get their brand out there in a low-cost ("organic"), legal but guerrilla, and sometimes humorous way.
  • Crashpads opened in Altus, OK and Seattle, WA with more coming soon
  • Built Wordpress site ready for growth
  • Designed a condom. Never thought I'd get the chance!
  • Brand Identity & Naming
  • Marketing Strategy & Design
  • Web Design & Development