Creating Gen-Z's Favorite Skincare Brand
It's mid-2021 which means two things: COVID is taking a much-needed chill-pill and on the other hand Gen Z has turned 18 and is setting fire to the Pre-COVID DTC establishment... it was the perfect time to take a chance on a small-but-mighty acne care company called FRONTMAN. When I joined FRONTMAN it was a relatively new company with a strong manifesto and a single, award(s)-winning product. Together with the founders I helped grow the company into a portfolio of 6+ products complemented by an awesome website, ads, merchandise, landing pages, and more. As of October of 2023, I'm still working with the founders of FRONTMAN on their next venture into the NDA-redacted, next phase of their company.
  • Grew AOV by $8
  • Doubled conversion rate
  • Featured "Dieline" article for Zit Spray packaging
  • Awards from Men's Health, GQ, Esquire, Vice, and more
  • Designed, Built, Launched 6 new products
  • Products launched in Urban Outfitters
  • Built, designed and maintained Shopify website
  • Customer Insight Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Animations & 3D Renderings