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Defining Next Gen Men’s Selfcare Spends

When I started dealing with all the wonders of puberty in middle school, I didn’t think there was a problem Old Spice, Axe and eventually Harry’s couldn’t solve, and that’s why 20 years later I still have them in my bathroom cabinet. But Gen Z doesn’t feel that way… at all — they have their own loyalties and shop differently, and starting in 2022, I became the first hire at FRONTMAN, a gen-z acne care company looking to redefine the way that self care products are created and marketed to our latest generation of consumers.

With a focus on appealing to young men, FRONTMAN’s products range from quintessential versions of standard offerings to outright breakthroughs of skincare engineering, and as part of the three-person team, I’ve spent the last two years building products and a brand that 20 years from now will still be staples in Gen Z’s shopping cart.

I’m currently spending 90% of my time here, so note that this project is ongoing.

Co-credit on everything: Annelise Hillmann.

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